July 30, 2016

Math Stars

Math Stars is a program designed to enhance your child’s journey through mathematics. It is an enrichment program sponsored by the DSEPTA. Students grades K-5 are welcome to participate in this voluntary program. If you have any questions , please contact Jeanette Montgomery. All worksheets are available below for printing or download.


   Schedule and Worksheets


Grade_K Grade_1st Grade_2nd Grade_3rd Grade_4th Grade_5th
Sept. 13th WEEK_1 WEEK_1 WEEK_1 WEEK_1 WEEK_1
Sept. 20st WEEK_2 WEEK_2 WEEK_2 WEEK_2 WEEK_2
Sept. 27th WEEK_3 WEEK_3 WEEK_3 WEEK_3 WEEK_3
Oct. 11th WEEK_4 WEEK_4 WEEK_4 WEEK_4 WEEK_4
Oct. 18th WEEK_5 WEEK_5 WEEK_5 WEEK_5 WEEK_5
Oct. 25th WEEK_6 WEEK_6 WEEK_6 WEEK_6 WEEK_6
Nov. 1st WEEK_7 WEEK_7 WEEK_7 WEEK_7 WEEK_7
Nov. 8th WEEK_8 WEEK_8 WEEK_8 WEEK_8 WEEK_8
Nov. 29th  WEEK_9  WEEK_9  WEEK_9  WEEK_9  WEEK_9
Dec. 6th  WEEK_10  WEEK_10  WEEK_10  WEEK_10  WEEK_10
Winter Break
 Jan. 3rd Kinder
 WEEK_11  WEEK_11  WEEK_11  WEEK_11  WEEK_11
Jan. 10th WEEK_2 WEEK_12 WEEK_12 WEEK_12 WEEK_12 WEEK_12
Jan. 17th WEEK_3 WEEK_13 WEEK_13 WEEK_13 WEEK_13 WEEK_13
Jan. 24th WEEK_4 WEEK_14 WEEK_14 WEEK_14 WEEK_14 WEEK_14
Jan. 31st WEEK_5 WEEK_15 WEEK_15 WEEK_15 WEEK_15 WEEK_15
Feb. 7th WEEK_6 WEEK_16 WEEK_16 WEEK_16 WEEK_16 WEEK_16
Feb. 14th WEEK_7 WEEK_17 WEEK_17 WEEK_17 WEEK_17 WEEK_17
Feb. 21st WEEK_8 WEEK_18 WEEK_18 WEEK_18 WEEK_18 WEEK_18
Feb. 28th WEEK_9 WEEK_19 WEEK_19 WEEK_19 WEEK_19 WEEK_19
Spring Break
Mar. 21st  WEEK_10  WEEK_20  WEEK_20  WEEK_20  WEEK_20  WEEK_20
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