August 2, 2017

PTA Board

2017-2018 Dripping Springs Elementary PTA Board Members

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President, Shelly Dennison

The President coordinates the work of the officers and committees of the association in order that the Missions and Purposes of the PTA may be promoted. They also preside over all meetings of the association and oversee all PTA functions. In addition, they meet with the principal to coordinate PTA activities.

Shelly joined the board in early 2015.  This will her 4th year at DSE with two girls Kolby and Rylan.  Kolby is in 4th grade and Rylan is in 2nd grade.  Shelly also has a little guy at home, Solomon, who is 3.  In addition to being a full time mom and volunteering in the PTA, Shelly works part time at home running her own business.  “My biggest reason for volunteering in our school and ultimately joining the board is because growing up I remember how I saw lots of parents up at the school and being involved and I am so excited to be able to do that in my childrens’ school.  I love seeing my kids faces light up when I am up at their school. When I joined the board after being here only one year at DSES, I was amazed at the fellowship and community there was in our school and our PTA.  I have met some of the most amazing women and am so blessed to have made so many wonderful new friendships with women who are all committed to the same task: improving our school and creating opportunity for our kids to learn and teachers to teach! I love giving back to our community through the school.”


Vice President, Aubrey Munguia

The Vice-President supports the President in all PTA related activities.                         Mother and Children

Aubrey is going on her sixth year serving on the PTA board. She has 1 son at DSE and 1 son at DSMS, and has volunteered in numerous roles throughout her son’s time at the school.


1st VP – Enrichments, Dayna BoydMother and Children

Coordinate enrichment programs to supplement school curriculum such as assemblies. This includes researching the needs of students, making contracts with vendors, and presenting ideas to the Executive Board and Association.

Dayna has 2 daughters in DSISD, her youngest in kindergarden this year. She has served on the PTA board for many years on and off in various volunteer roles.


2nd VP – Ways and Means, Rachel MoellerMother and Children

The main function of the Ways and Means Committee is to arrange for fund raisers to support the PTA budget which in turn supports the goals established by the board of directors.

Rachel has been a DSE parent for many years and has 3 students at DSE this year. This is her 1st year on the PTA board as our DSE fundraiser in chief! All fundraisers go right back into the school to improve and enrich the student experience here.


3rd VP – Membership & Volunteers, Julie Lightfoot

The Volunteer and Membership chairman coordinates PTA volunteer activities in the school in cooperation with school staff as well as membership in the PTA. The chairman encourages participation by parents and interested citizens in the school program through volunteerism and promotes membership of parents, teachers and community in our school’s PTA.

Julie joined the board in early 2016.  This will her 4th year at DSE with twin girls Caitlyn & Chloe in 4th grade and her son Bishop in 1st grade.  In addition to PTA, Julie works full time at a home office managing neurology global clinical trials and is a Girl Scout troop leader.  “When I first joined the PTA I was slightly nervous about committing to something with a full time job, but was able to find the perfect role that allows me to do most of my PTA work at home while using my available in-person time at the school for meetings, and supporting events or volunteer needs.   Now I get to see first hand how many activities the PTA is driving at the school, and how many parents are really dedicated to enriching the school experience for both the students and staff.”

4th VP – Communications, Adrienne Kendall   

The Communications Chair is responsible for marketing the PTA. This person will be in charge of updating the Dripping Springs Elementary PTA website on a regular basis and sending out communications through media or print. Must be aware of events and programs that the PTA sponsors.

This is Adrienne’s 3rd year on the PTA board. She has a 4rd grader,  a 2nd grader, and her youngest is in Kinder.  “I did not realize how much time and effort our PTA put in to enriching the student & parent experience at our school until I became a part of the team. Together, we get to care for our students and support our teachers in all kinds of creative ways.”


Treasurer, Nichol LeeNichol pic

The treasurer is the authorized custodian of the funds of the association. They receive and disburse all monies indicated in the budget and prescribed in the Local PTA bylaws or as authorized by action of the association.

Nichol joined the board in 2016.   This will be her fourth year at DSE with Ryan in 2nd Grade. She also has three older kids at DSMS, Carter and Grace are in 8th and Ethan is in 7th.   Other than being on the PTA board, Nichol owns Bloomery Designs a Sewing & Embroidery company, a Girl Scout volunteer, and super mom to her 4 kids.   “Although this is my first year serving on the DSE board, I have been involved in PTA for many years.  I love volunteering in my kid’s schools.  Being involved has not only helped keep me in the loop on what’s going on with their education, but I also get to help make a difference within their everyday lives.  My company Bloomery Designs allows me the time and creativity to work on projects not only as gifts for the teachers, but also as a way to support the dedicated teachers who are preparing our students’ lives for the future.”

Secretary, Rachael BoydMother and Children

The secretary keeps accurate records of the proceedings of the association. The primary qualifications include promptness; accuracy; a thorough knowledge of the PTA Vision, Mission, Purposes, bylaws, policies and procedures; an understanding of parliamentary law; and a sincere desire to help the president conduct a businesslike meeting.

Racheal joined the board of the DSEPTA in 2016 during her son’s first year at DSE. This
year her son will be in the first grade. She enjoys being a part of her son’s school programs and education. Racheal’s motivation in volunteering for the board is to help improve the student experience at DSE. Besides serving as the Secretary for DSEPTA, Racheal is involved in other school committees such as the Tiger Readers Foundation and the Cool Cat Cash Store.

Parliamentarian, Leslie Rhode Leslie pic

A parliamentarian has a fair and impartial mind and attitude, as well as knowledge of parliamentary procedure. A parliamentarian in PTA – whether they serve at the Local, Council or Area PTA level – has a fundamental knowledge of the Vision, Mission, Purposes, and policies of the PTA.

This is Leslie’s 4th year on the DSE PTA board.  She has a 4th grader at DSE and a 7th grader at DSMS.  After spending more than 20 years in the broadcast news business, she now enjoys the flexibility her job as a freelance journalist and communications consultant gives her to spend more time with her family.  “I see service in the schools as part of my role as a parent,” said Rhode.  “The PTA provides so many programs that support the great work our teachers are doing.  There are many ways to volunteer with the PTA, no matter how much time you have to give.”  Leslie also serves on the state board of the Texas Advocacy Project and volunteers with the Tourette Association.

 PTA Council Liaisons, Victoria Pyles & Lindsay Bauerle

The Council Liaisons attend PTA district council meetings and relays information back to DSEPTA.

Victoria has a daughter,  Juliette, in 2nd grade. This is her first year on the Pta board, and she has been a PTA member for many years,  volunteering as a first grade math stars coordinator last year.

This is Lindsay’s first year serving on the PTA board.  Her daughter Faith will be starting Kindergarten this year. In addition to Faith, Lindsay has a second daughter, Teagan who is 3. Lindsay works part-time from home and is grateful to have the flexibility to be able to volunteer on the board and be present in her children’s school activities. “I am excited to be a part of the PTA Board and I hope to help enrich the experience at DSE for the students, parents, teachers and staff!”

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