January 15, 2015


The PTA compiles an annual yearbook of events throughout the school year. Volunteers are needed for picture-taking and for layout, sales and distribution of the Memory Books.

Q. When is the last day of the dedication?
A. Last day to send the dedication is March 23rd, 2018
Q. What can I send for a dedication?
A. Send a pdf file with image and text to yearbook@dsepta.org. Image dimentions should be 2×4.  Please include your student’s full name. You can purchase your dedication here https://goo.gl/j43poy
Q. I dont know how to make a graphic for the dedication
A. No worries. Send an image and text to  yearbook@dsepta.org. We will place text next to the image for the dedication page.
Q. Can I still purchase a yearbook?
A. Currently the Yearbook website to purchase a Yearbook is still open. Go to www.smart-pay.com to purchase your yearbook. Currently there are limited number of yearbooks available.
Q. How do I know my purchase was received?
If you sent a check, placed an order by phone or ordered online – all yearbook purchasers should have received a receipt by email. If you did not and have questions please call Balfour 800-853-1337 Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm CST
A. When will I get the yearbook:
Q. The Yearbook will be sent to school a few weeks before the last day of school. The yearbooks will be distributed at the discretion of the front office.

Q. If my child is new to the school will they be in the yearbook?

 A.  Usually Lifetouch (the company that take the portraits in the Fall and class picture in the Spring) doesn’t take Fall portraits in the Spring. The yearbook volunteer will make every effort to coordinate portraits so that with the company so that all DSE students can make it into the yearbook.

Contact Yearbook for more information and to find out about volunteer opportunities.

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