Welcome from our new PTA President, Shelly Dennison

Welcome back fellow parents to our 2017-2018 school year!
While things around DSE may look slightly different given the recent opening of new schools in our district, one thing hasn’t changed, which is why we are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such a high caliber of teachers, admin, staff and volunteers. I am so honored to serve as your new president of DSEPTA.
While I have moments of wondering how I am going to keep up this year, the driving factor of
why I wanted to be in this role was that I am VERY passionate about this school and making it a better
place each and every year for our children to learn and our teachers to teach. I do realize that
being a member of the PTA has its stereotypes and preconceived notions so I wanted to take a second
and debunk the top 5 myths of the PTA as it pertains to Dripping Springs Elementary!

Myth #1 Only Mom’s and Teachers join the PTA! Anyone who cares about children belongs in the PTA!
Parents (Dads and Moms), grandparents, community members, etc!)
Myth #2 Joining the PTA means I have to volunteer. You will not be sucked in to a black hole of
volunteering! We appreciate all of our members and love for anyone to volunteer if they are able, but there are many other ways to give back to your school.
Myth #3 The PTA is only for stay at home parents with nothing else to do! Most members are juggling
jobs, kids, sports, and homework, just like you. If you want to help out we can find a role for you that will
fit your lifestyle.
Myth #4 I have an idea, but the PTA isn’t interested. They are a group of friends, who does not want
anyone else involved, and wants things only their way. The PTA always wants and always needs
volunteers! New ideas are always welcome! It’s important to keep our PTA fresh and exciting. We also
love making new friends!
Myth #5 If there is a bake sale it has to be homemade, gluten free, and dairy free. We love anything and
everything that our volunteers donate, even store-bought goodies. We don’t judge!!

Bottom line – IT TAKES A VILLAGE and I LOVE this Village! Join the PTA, meet some new friends, have
fun, and make this school the BEST school for our kids! We all make a difference! I’m really looking
forward to seeing new faces this year! Thank you for all you do!
Shelly Dennison,

The beginning of school is just around the corner. Welcome to our new families and welcome back to our returning DSE families!

We are always looking for volunteers- go here to sign up for what you might be interested in for 2017-18. THANK YOU to our new & returning committee chairs for the upcoming school year! From yearbook to boxtops to teacher appreciation, there is always work to be done for our school community. Browse committees here.

DONATE!  Many DSE parents are not able to give time for volunteering and fundraising, and as busy parents ourselves, the PTA Board understands this! If you would prefer to just give a lump sum, and not have to volunteer or fundraise, please go to the PTA site and make an annual gift now. 

Meet the Teacher  night is on August the 21st. Thenew PTA board is looking forward to meeting families and seeing all the familiar faces from last year! Please stop by the PTA tables at Meet the Teacher and introduce yourself.

-Your PTA Board

CONNECT to our FB group for updates and community

THANK YOU TO OUR WATCHDOGS (Dads of Great Students) for volunteering your time enriching our school! DO YOU NEED A TSHIRT? Tshirts are required for identification purposes while spending the day at DSE, so please purchase yours HERE and PTA  will send it home with your student before your scheduled volunteer day. Please reach out to and ask our coordinator how you can get involved this year. The kick-off event is September 17, 2017 @ DSE.

RENEW your PTA Membership today. For only $10 a year, you can support your school and stay connected to everything PTA is up to. Join the support team and THANK YOU!

A LOOK BACK AT 2016-2017

The DSE PTA accomplished a lot last year, and couldn’t have done it without SO many parent volunteers actively involved in committees, helping at and attending events, and coordinating so many activities at the school.  Whether you’re new to DSE or you’ve been around for a bit, let’s take a minute to look back at the victories of 2016-2017 school year.  These are the activities the PTA is involved in either through funding, volunteer staffing, or coordinating from start to finish:

SCHOOL LIFE ENRICHMENTS:  Art appreciation, Holiday Movie Night, Mad Science Night, Texas A&M Chemistry Road Show, Playgrounds (update/maintain existing and the new PreK-2nd completed last year!), Math Stars, supporting Music & Art specials, Outdoor classroom, UIL Reflections, Science lab, Assemblies.

VOLUNTEERS:  Book fair, class shirts, cool cat cash store, PIRS, Running/Mileage club, Staff appreciation, Talent Show, Teacher workroom, Testing snacks, Watch D.O.G.S, Yearbook, Website

FUNDING SUPPORT:  Dreambox, Leader In Me, Lighthouse Materials, Chromebooks, Teacher Requests, Camp Champion support, Campus Beautification, Playgrounds

FUNDRAISERS:  OctoberFest (Fall Fair), Playgrounds, Redemption programs (Box Tops), Book Fair, Original Artworks, Yankee Candle Fundraiser

SALES:  Class T-shirts, 4th grade Music recorders, school supplies, Sticker Machine, Spirit Sticks, Snack Vending, Pencils, Yearbooks.

UIL: DSE hosted the UIL competition for all the District’s Elementary Schools and provided support and refreshments/snacks for participants, families, and coaches.
THANK YOU TO ALL OUR PTA MEMBERS AND VOLUNTEERS IN 2016-2017! We look forward to making 2017-18 a wonderful and supportive year for our parents, teachers, and students at DSE.

The new DSEPTA Board attended TEXAS PTA LAUNCH conference in July. PTAs from all over the state converge to share ideas and ask questions in order to best prepare to support their schools. Representatives from DSMS PTA, SSE PTA, and Walnut PTA were also there! Everyone learned a lot and the board is ready to give their all to DSE this year! PTA mission link here: AMAZON SMILE