Letter from the President…

Happy New Year!  I hope the holidays were restful and that most people are staying well during this awful flu season!  Remember to help educate at home about washing hands and covering our coughs!

I want to thank each and everyone one of you for the ways in which you supported Dripping Springs Elementary and our fundraising goals to replace the upper elementary playground!  WE DID IT!  The playground will be installed in March of 2018.  We are all very excited!

I know that fundraising is sometimes difficult to swallow because it is yet another thing to ask of our community but it is so incredibly important.  I know people assume that our tax dollars can cover it all and they do cover quite a bit but it is also important to recognize that fundraising along with volunteer support is necessary to help enrich our school.  The PTA is not just a group of parents and community members that have a lot of extra time to donate.  In fact, the people involved in the PTA are juggling quite a bit but they do this because they feel passionate about giving back to our school and our children.  If you feel passionate about our school then come to a meeting.  Our next meeting is February 22nd at 8am.  If you are like most parents, this time conflicts with work or you have small children at home but you still have a heart for our school.  There is still a way you can help.  Please reach out to me at I’d love to hear from you and there is always a way to help our school.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.  We are grateful to those hearts that care!  Thank you all for everything you do to enrich our children’s lives.

GO TIGERS!                                                          ~Shelly Dennison, DSEPTA