Your PTA News Blast, April 12th, 2017

Your PTA News Blast


April 12th, 2017

A Message From the PTA

The 2017-2018 PTA Board will be voted on during the next general PTA meeting to be held next Friday, April 21st at 8 AM in the CL&I.  If you are interested in running for a board position, please contact and come to the meeting next week!

You can find a description of each board position here.

Running for DSES PTA Board 2017-2018

  • President:  Shelly Dennison
  • Vice President: Aubrey Mungia
  • 1st VP Enrichments: Dayna Boyd
  • 2nd VP Ways and Means: Rachel Douglass
  • 3rd VP Membership & Volunteers: Julie Lightfoot
  • 4th VP Communications: Adrienne Kendall
  • Treasurer: Nichol Lee
  • Secretary: Rachel Boyd

At the meeting next week, we will also be reviewing and voting on suggested changes to the PTA Bylaws.  The board would like to add to the bylaws the following: “The treasurer’s books will be ready by July 15th, and the reconciliation committee will be finished by August 15th.”


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