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DSEPTA participates in BOX TOPS and other brand loyalty redemption programs. Volunteers are needed to help gather, count, and mail product labels and box tops for redemption during the school year.

Contact Redemption Programs for more information and to find out about volunteer opportunities.

2019-2020 BOX TOPS Information: 

Making a Difference for Our School ~ Our goal: $3,500 (35,000 Box Tops)

Please clip Box Tops- Each Box Top is worth .10 for our school. This money goes straight to the PTA to help with various items and programs throughout the year. Dates must be readable and not expired or we do not receive credit. Box Tops can be found on hundreds of quality products from brands like *General Mills *Pillsbury *Betty Crocker *Ziploc *Kleenex *Hefty and more.

Submit your readable and not expired Box Tops in a baggie/envelope with your teacher name and grade. Place submissions in the Box Tops Bin located near the 1 st cafeteria door. Visit for a complete list of participating brands and to join our school’s Box Top family online. You’ll be able to track our school’s earnings and enter for chances to win extra cash for our school, plus receive coupons, recipes and bonus offers on occasion. Make sure to enter our Box Tops ID number 186122

This year we are continuing with our reward system for Box Tops. We will keep totals for each class during the year and when your class reaches the number of box tops below, your class will win the corresponding reward.
 500 Box Tops = Extra Recess
 1000 Box Tops = Prize Box
 2000 Box Tops = Extra Recess
 2,500 Box Tops = Extra Recess and Treat
 3,000 Box Tops = Pajama Day and Treat
 3,500 Box Tops= Pizza or Ice Cream Party

Wishing you a fantastic school year! Thank you for your support!

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