Uploading your pictures for the yearbook got a lot easier.

Help us be a part of a publication that will encapsulate memories forever!!!
The yearbook will continue to be on sale until April 1st. After April 1st it will as ‘while supplies last’.

We now how the ability to upload images using an app.  It’s so easy! Students, teachers and parents can simply download the iOS or Android app, create an account and enter your yearbook’s information, and you’re ready to go. Photos can be selected from an existing gallery or taken using the app itself.



Please follow the guidelines for the photos to be considered for the yearbook.

ImageShare for iOS  (iTunes App Store)

ImageShare for Android  (Google Play Store)



STEP 1: Download the new app

An update to ImageShare is now available for both Apple and Android users. If your device settings allow for auto updates, you may already have the latest version of the app. If not, download or manually update to version 2.0.






STEP 2a: Create an account
Enter in your info

Project  Number :: 020093

STEP 2b: Verify your Account

After setting up your account, an automatic email will be sent with a confirmation code. Enter your code to continue the account setup process.

STEP 2c: Create a Username & Password



STEP 3: Upload or Take a Photo

You’re all set! You can upload a photo or take a photo right from the app. You can now select and caption up to five (5) images at a time.

If you have any question – contact :
Please do not send photos to the email.


Yearbook Photo Submission Guidelines

In order for pictures to be in the yearbook. Please follow the rules for the photo to be able to be considered to be added to the yearbook.


  • Each photo must have the following:
    • Name of child/children; first name is ok. Name as many as you can.
    • Child’s Teacher; if possible
    • Child’s Grade; if there are kids mixed together – it will be harder to place them in yearbook unless it’s a school function
    • School activity or function; ex PE Class, Music class, 3rd grade Field trip, science parade, Octoberfest,  etc


Quality of photo:

  • no sepia or other coloring effects
  • crisp shot – no “fuzzy/out of focus” shots
  • No images downloaded from any social media. Must be from photo or camera


  • No hand signs (no peace signs or any other hand signs)
  • No political or religious statements, posters, shirts, hats or signs
  • Please no hands or hats covering any part of the face
  • Photos must be at school or school function like field trips.
  • We love siblings and friends, but we can only feature current DSES students in the yearbook.(parents may be considered for specific events )
  • Please label the activity; October Fest, Veteran’s day etc. Please ask if the student attends DSES before submitting photos at school function or events.
The yearbook committee will review all photos & determine final yearbook content. We cannot guarantee that all submissions can be used in the book. Thank you for understanding.
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